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Jwala Shop Nepal deals with all kinds of hardware products needed while building a house or any physical structures. Jwala Shop Nepal is one of the features or part of the company ” Jwala Shop & Services Pvt. Ltd”.

Construction Related hardware Under One Roof.


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If you are planning to make a house or any infrastructure and are curious about the hardware product prices then Jwala Shop Nepal is the perfect place. We provide the Hardware Products at the best prices which is possible in Nepal Hardware Marketplace. You can register yourself as a “New Build Customer” and see all the heavy discounts on the website. A “New Build Customer” account has to be verified. After the registration, you will get a call from Jwala Shop Regarding the verification and once the account is verified you will be able to see heavy discounts on hardware products from Jwala. You can visit place an orders online or you can also visit the physical store of Jwala and get the discount once the account is verified.

If you are planning to start your own hardware business or already have one then you can order hardware products in bulk from Jwala Shop Nepal. Jwala Shop Nepal holds brand dealership of Many hardware products in Nepal and always has huge stock available plus direct contact with manufacturers. So you can be our business party and start your journey with us. From the website, if you register yourself as a reseller or wholesaler then you will be able to see the whole sales rate with heavy discounts on the website. For this, you need to manually approve your account by contacting us.

If you need hardware products for any big projects and are searching for a capable hardware business that can keep the supply and accounts of the deal in the best possible manner then we are here for you. Jwala Shop Nepal has a big inventory and connection with multiple manufacturers which will the supply of hardware products smooth and the accounts are maintained properly in Jwala Shop Nepal.

If you are such a construction company or agent then register yourself and send us a request us the quote with the quantity. We will reply to you with all the processes and costs. You can direct visit Jwala Shop Near you can ask for the quote or req online. You can chat us with from the website, Facebook page, Phone, Mail, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.

The type of Hardware products we deal with:

  • Pipes and Fittings: Hdpe pipes, CPVC pipes and fittings, Pvc Pipes and fittings, Gi pipes and fittings, PPR pipes and fittings etc. (Holding Brand Dealership of Brand: Panchakanya)
  • Sanitary Hardware: Commode, Faucets, basins, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, cabinet, etc. (Holding Brand dealership of Brand: Parryware & Everest bath fittings Nepal)
  • Electrical Hardware: Switch and sockets, bulbs-tube lights, wires, fans, coolers, etc. (Brands: ELECTRA, DIVYA, USHA, ORIENT, PREMIER WIRES, etc)
  • Paints / Colors: Interior color, exterior color, enamel, all kinds of colors. ( Holding the Brand dealership of Brand: Berger )
  • Tiles and Marbles: All sizes of Tiles are available. ( Brand Dealership of Brand: “Varmorra Tiles India”)
  • All others hardware: All Hardware products that are needed while making an infrastructure. eg: water tanks,

Our Vision

Jwala Shop Nepal’s vision is to develop a very comfortable and transparent ecosystem for construction-related Projects. No more hardships to know about the Hardware products needed in construction. No more doubts and frauds while making construction works. We got you covered for all your construction needs. We will be there from the start to the end of the work and as per our vision, we will be after the work done by providing different handyman services through Jwala Services.

Jwala Shop & Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Ram Bahadur Shahi

Founder, MD: Jwala Shop

Vision Shahi

CEO, Founder: Jwala Shop & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Lotus Sharma

Sales Head

Hemant Shahi

Account Head