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Jwala Shop Nepal

Jwala Shop Nepal deals with all kinds of hardware products needed while building a house or any physical structures. Jwala Shop Nepal is one of the features or part of the company ” Jwala Shop & Services Pvt. Ltd”.

The type of Hardware products we deal with:

  • Pipes and Fittings: Hdpe pipes, CPVC pipes and fittings, Pvc Pipes and fittings, Gi pipes and fittings, PPR pipes and fittings etc. (Holding Brand Dealership of Brand: Panchakanya)
  • Sanitary Hardware: Commode, Faucets, basins, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, cabinet, etc. (Holding Brand dealership of Brand: Parryware & Everest bath fittings Nepal)
  • Electrical Hardware: Switch and sockets, bulbs-tube lights, wires, fans, coolers, etc. (Brands: ELECTRA, DIVYA, USHA, ORIENT, PREMIER WIRES, etc)
  • Paints / Colors: Interior color, exterior color, enamel, all kinds of colors. ( Holding the Brand dealership of Brand: Berger )
  • Tiles and Marbles: All sizes of Tiles are available. ( Brand Dealership of Brand: “Varmorra Tiles India”)
  • All others hardware: All Hardware products that are needed while making an infrastructure. eg: water tanks,
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Meet the team

Ram Bahadur Shahi

Vision Shahi

Lotus Sharma
Head Manager

Hemant Shahi
Head Accountant


Some Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I need to modify my order?

If you want to modify your order you can contact us through the call. As all the Shipping is made from Jwala Stores so it can be modified before shipping. If your order is already packed and in transport then there is no way to modify the order.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

You can change the shipping address. As we try to deliver the order within 24 hours so you have to make sure you quickly contact us regarding the change in the shipping address. If it was late then you might have to pay extra for travel and transport expenses for the wrong location.

Can I get same day delivery?

Yes, we came to business for this feature only. We will try our best to make the same day delivery as the orders are packed and shippied from the physical store of Jwala. You can expect it on same day. In Urgent cases you can inform us so that we can deliver it to you more quickly. You can also visit the physcial store of Jwala Stores to pick your orders 🙂

How to do i make payment?

You can pay both online or cash on delivery. The best option we will recommend will be cash on delivery.

Do i have to pay only in Cash if i select cash on delivery option?

Nope. Cash is just a medium. You can pay us using mobile banking or any digital payment gateways. The delivery boy will provide you with multiple options for payments. You can choose the one you are comfortable with. 

Can i get credit while making house or building?

Umm. Jwala Shop has strong accounting background of accountants and software to handle the credits. If you want to get credit while making your house then you have to visit the physical store of Jwala Shop and fill out the necessary documents for identity and property verification. Once your account is verified and if Jwala Account Dp thinks you are capable of having credits then you will be provided with credits. Credits will be set by the accounting department based on the project and the identity of the person. For normal customers, credits cannot go higher than 2 lakh. The credit days are also set by Jwala Shop Nepal. In most cases, the credit period is only 30-60 days.

This credit system is available in Jwala Shop Nepal to make you free from worrying about payment of every single order. We don’t charge interest on the credits in the credit period time. You can check your ledger from the account section of Jwala anytime you want 🙂

What if i have to return extra products?

Yes, you can. Return is possible in Jwala Shop. If the Product is in right condition and isnt used than we will take back the product. For normal customer the return should be done within a year of the order. If you have good reason for the delay in return than we will still consider 🙂

What should i do to return the extra products?

It is very simple to make returns in Jwala Shop Nepal. To make a return you have to visit any of the nearest Jwala Stores and ask them for a return. The Jwala store will ask you for your account name and phone number. You provide them with your account name and phone number then they will check all the items and process your return immediately. 

What about warranty and guarantee of products?

As Jwala Shop Nepal holds dealerships of many hardware brands you will find it very easy to claim warranty and guarantee products in Jwala Shop Nepal. Visit the nearest branch and ask them for a claim. You can claim your warranty and guarantee from any Jwala store. 

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