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Are you the owner of a hardware business or planning to start a hardware store, aiming to buy hardware products in large quantities at wholesale rates? Alternatively, are you a construction company in need of a quote for hardware products for substantial construction projects? If the answer is yes, we have you covered.

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Jwala Shop is made for Both B2B and B2C users. In case if you are Business we will contact you for your account verificiation or you can open a support ticket. Once your account is verified you can see B2B features in website.

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Frequently asked questions

Will i be able to see wholesale Rate in website?

Certainly, upon successful verification of your B2B account, you will gain visibility into both the retail and wholesale pricing of the products. However, B2B users must meet the minimum order value to proceed with the checkout. Small orders that do not meet this minimum requirement will be promptly rejected by Jwala Shop Nepal, as approval is reserved for bulk orders only.

What about Delivery?

For business users, the delivery cost will be calculated according to the order value. After placing an order, the Jwala Shop team will reach out to the business to discuss the delivery process and associated charges. Alternatively, if delivery is not preferred, Jwala Shop always provides the option for local pickup.

Why my account got rejected?

We sincerely apologize if your B2B account has been declined. This can occur for various reasons. The Jwala Shop Team should have provided the reason for the rejection in the notification. If you have any queries, you can always open a ticket on the website for assistance.

Is next-day delivery available on all orders?

We have the capability to offer same-day delivery as well. Our stock is precise, and in situations requiring urgency, you can receive the items within an hour on the same day, depending on the location.

What is Quote Request?

The Jwala Shop Website provides a quote request feature for B2B and construction company users. On the cart page, users have the option to submit their order as a quote request. After the order is sent as a quote, the Jwala Shop Team reviews the details, completes the quote, and presents an offer for the order. This quote request feature is specifically designed for construction company users to facilitate tender and quotation processes. B2B users can also utilize this feature for significant orders.

What is Jwala POS and how to enroll?

Jwala Shop provides B2B customers with an online billing system known as Jwala Shop POS. Through this POS system, B2B users can easily generate user accounts on the Jwala Shop website and swiftly create invoices for their customers. This streamlined process allows B2B users to concentrate on customer interactions without being burdened by the complexities of inventory and billing management. To access this POS billing system, businesses are required to establish a strong relationship and contractual agreement with Jwala Shop Nepal, along with a significant market presence and visibility in front of customers.

Can I get Jwala Shop Nepal Branch?

Jwala Shop Nepal employs a robust technology for stock and account management. To acquire branch ownership of Jwala Shop Nepal, you must undergo various contracts and training. The number of branches is limited based on location.

What about the refund Policy for B2B Users?

The refund policy for B2B users and construction companies will be determined by factors such as the product, order value, and the reason for the return.

What is Sub-accounts for b2b users?

Jwala Shop Nepal offers a feature called Sub Accounts, catering specifically to B2B users and construction companies. This functionality allows B2B users and construction companies to create and manage multiple accounts under their main account for streamlined order processing. For instance, "Construction Company A" has the ability to establish multiple sub-accounts, enabling them to place orders conveniently through the Jwala Shop website.

What is support ticket?

The Support Ticket feature in Jwala Shop Nepal enables users to generate support requests. Through this function, you can create a ticket to inquire, pose questions, and engage in discussions with the Jwala Shop Team. Support tickets can be generated for order-related, product-related, or any other inquiries.